It’s certainly no secret that there’s a lot of competition in today’s job market. When you submit your resume, you’re likely vying for the position against a large number of other highly qualified candidates. Your resume needsDall Texas Resume Construction to shine brighter now than ever before, to ensure it stands out from the stack of others sitting on the hiring manager’s desk.

While it used to be perfectly acceptable to apply for every type of job using the same resume, this practice won’t get you very far today. It’s important to customize your resume to fit each and every position, so you don’t get passed up for an interview.

3 Tips to Tailor Your Resume

to Fit a Position

Use these three tips to customize your resume to fit every job you apply to ─ whether you’re submitting an application for one or ten open positions:

  1.  Position Related Career History First: A chronological resume works great when applying for a job closely related to your current position. However, if you’re trying to change careers or get back into the workforce after a prolonged absence, use a functional resume instead. This highlights your relevant experience, instead of your most recent, so it’s the first thing a hiring manager sees.
  2. Match Important Key Words: Many companies use automated tools to scan resumes for important key words, so if yours doesn’t include them, you may be automatically disqualified. Use the same key words and phrases to describe your qualifications for the position as the company used in the job description, to ensure you stand out.
  3. Include Relevant Accomplishments: While you may have a number of impressive accomplishments, it’s only necessary to include those relevant to the position. A hiring manager may quickly scan your resume very quickly, so you want to be sure to include only applicable information.

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