Searching for a new job can be a challenge for any job seeker, especially Explaining Gaps on Your Resumewhen you’ve been out of the workforce for awhile. Regardless of the reason you took time off, it is important to have a good explanation for the gap.

A company wants to hire a quality worker who can be relied on. A gap in your resume can appear suspicious to a hiring manager. It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible, so it won’t be held against you.

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume
There are a few different ways to explain why you took time off from your career. Your approach may vary according to the amount of time off you took and the reasoning behind it. Learn how to effectively clarify a gap in your resume:

  • Use Your Cover Letter.
    Explain the gap in your resume in your cover letter. Provide a few brief sentences, without going into elaborate detail. Less is more here. Mention that you achieved what you needed to during your time off and are now excited to get back to work.
  • Relate the Gap to Your Career.
    If possible, it’s best to include activities relevant to your career in your explanation, even if this only comprised a small part of your time. For example, if you took three years off to go back to school, this is alone is a fantastic reason. However, if your employment gap was due to personal issues, you could highlight relevant volunteer work you did, to prove you continued to develop your skills during your time off.
  • Change Resume Format.
    If your employment gap lasted just a few months, include only the years you worked at each company on your resume. This will hide it, although you may want to bring it up in the job interview. For gaps longer than one year, switch to a hybrid resume format, where your skills and accomplishments are highlighted at the top of the page. The chronological portion should still be included under this, but it gives employers the change to see your skills first, not your employment lapse.

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