Who Should I Be Using as My References?


Interviewing in Dallas | PrideStaff Dallas

If you’ve made it to the stage of the interview process where you’re asked to provide references, you are being very seriously considered for the position. Many candidates standing right at the end of the finish line consider references a mere formality, assuming anyone will do, but this can make or break your chances of… Read more »

What to Do If Your Job is Boring


If you’re feeling bored at work, you’re not alone. Only 37 percent of employees are engaged at work, according to the Feb. 13, 2017 Gallup Daily survey. Boredom at work may be the current status quo, but that doesn’t make it OK. Feeling like your job is an endless sea of monotony day-in and day-out… Read more »

Nontraditional Interview Questions to Vet Candidates


Interviewing candidates is hard work. After meeting someone once or twice, you’re tasked with making a hiring decision that will impact the future of your team. Asking the right questions during the interview process is key, but any candidate worth your consideration will spend an inordinate amount of time rehearsing standard responses. Asking nontraditional interview… Read more »

Why They’re Not Even Getting to Your Resume


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If you think cover letters are an optional document to accompany your resume, you’re sorely mistaken. Including one with your resume is always essential — even when it’s listed as optional. A 2016 CareerBuilder survey of the five most common job seeker pitfalls revealed 45 percent of applicants opt to skip the cover letter, which… Read more »

Salary Negotiating With Your Top Employees


Money isn’t everything, but the salary you pay your employees directly impacts their standard of living. Consequently, top talent won’t stay in their jobs for long if they’re being underpaid. The departure of your best and brightest employees would likely wreak havoc on your organization, so ensuring these individuals remain properly compensated should be a… Read more »

How to Help Temporary Employees Feel at Home


Temporary workers can be hugely beneficial to your organization, but many have trouble acclimating to the team. Oftentimes, companies inadvertently treat temps differently than permanent employees, which ultimately impacts their performance. The key to getting maximum productivity from your temp employees is making them feel like they belong, so welcome them with open arms. Encourage… Read more »

Why You Should Be Checking Social Media Feeds


There’s a good chance you conduct a background check on all candidates prior to extending an offer, but if a social media screening isn’t part of the process, it’s time to include it. These days, just about everyone is active on social media, and a job seeker’s presence can be very telling. According to a… Read more »

The Key Is Confidence


Reasons to Consider a Temporary Position

You have big dreams for your career, so failing to meet a few requirements listed on a job posting won’t stop you from applying. It seems your strategy has worked, as you’ve been invited to interview for a job you’re slightly unqualified to hold. The big day is quickly approaching, and you’re starting to doubt… Read more »

Moving On Without Burning Bridges


Evaluating Job Candidate Character

Congratulations are in order, because you’ve just landed a seriously impressive new job! Starting a new chapter in your career is beyond exciting, but before you can get started, you have to end things with your current employer. Resigning from a job can be a bit uncomfortable, but if you handle the situation well, you… Read more »

When it Comes to Hiring, Listen to Your Team


In the past, hiring managers and human resources traditionally handled the entire candidate selection process. Employees were only informed a new hire had been selected after the person accepted the job offer. Everyone would meet for the first time on the new staffer’s first day and hope for the best. However, things have changed. These… Read more »