Take a New Approach to Onboarding New Employees in 2023

In 2023, whether your new employees are working remotely, from your workplace site, or a hybrid of both, effective onboarding is essential in assimilating them into your company and its culture. It’s also a key first step in setting clear expectations for all involved, coordinating the delivery of the right technology and other job tools, and completing all the sometimes tedious albeit necessary hiring paperwork.

To help new hires get up to speed ASAP and feel like they’re truly part of your team, make their onboarding experience fun, festive and fulfilling as you continue cementing your positive first impression on them.

Roll out the welcome mat.

Virtually or in person, be creative as you make your new team members feel at home.

  • Social distancing may rule out team lunches, but you can schedule virtual nosh sessions and have meals delivered to employees’ homes. You can do this once or over a series of meetings. Also send along some company swag, like tee shirts, caps, and job-related gadgets.
  • Be proactive in communicating your expectations. This includes focusing on how work gets done, how company values are manifested, and especially for those working remotely, how often updates will take place. A lack of communication, especially during uncertain times, can lead to people thinking the worst. So fill that void, even if your regularly scheduled update is simply that you have nothing new to report. Leave the door open for newbies to contribute, ask questions, and clarify anything they need to know.
  • About that paperwork: consider e-sign options. For instance, set up electronic verification of Form I-9s. If you have a payroll service, see what else is available as a starting point.

Keep thinking outside the box.

Here are some additional ideas to keep the spring in your onboarding:

  • Send out a company-wide email introducing your new hires. In addition to their professional background, include information about their personal interests, hobbies, favorite teams, and so on.
  • Hold a Q&A session hosted by company leaders, to address questions.
  • Create a customized message to appear on in-house TV monitors and on everyone’s computer screens.
  • Start a buddy program that pairs new hires with more seasoned employees. You might want to partner newbies with workers from different departments so they not only have a friendly face to turn to, but also have an opportunity to learn how things work in areas besides their own. This could have the added benefit of morphing into an ongoing mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Ask your new hires for suggestions on how you could further improve onboarding. This is a great way to acknowledge their contributions right from the start and further enhance their feeling of belonging.
  • Throw a 100 Day Party, in person or virtually, to mark this milestone for new team members.

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