The Top Skills and Qualifications Needed to Be an Accounts Payable Clerk in Dallas, TX

Accounts payable professionals ensure their employers’ invoices and bills are paid on time and in full. A person in this position holds a great deal of responsibility and must be detail-oriented and organized to be successful in the role.

What Does an Accounts Payable Clerk Do?

Working in accounts payable means you’re responsible for paying bills, tracking invoices, recording financial transactions, and creating reports, to name just a few basic responsibilities. Duties vary according to your employer’s requirements, but many accounts payable clerk jobs in Dallas, TX, have additional responsibilities and may require you to:

  • Receive, open, and log invoices and check requests.
  • Enter and upload invoices into the system.
  • Receive and verify expense reports.
  • Pay vendors in a timely manner, which may include verification of federal ID numbers, reviewing purchase orders, and resolving discrepancies.
  • Assist with accounting records and ledgers.
  • Prepare sales and use tax returns.
  • Track expenses and process expense reports.
  • Assist with audit support, including analyzing accounts.
  • Document and distribute petty cash.
  • Prepare and perform check runs.
  • Maintain vendor files.
  • Correspond with vendors and respond to questions.
  • Produce monthly reports.
  • Maintain accurate, confidential, and organized records.

As an accounts payable clerk, you may work closely with an accountant or a supervisor who manages the cash flow in the department, ensuring you know which bills to pay and in what order.

What Qualifications/Education Do You Need to be an Accounts Payable Clerk?

High school diploma or GED.

It’s beneficial to take accounting classes in high school to help you gain the qualifications of an accounts payable clerk. It’s possible to gain an entry-level role with a high school degree or GED and learn on the job. However, most management positions require post-secondary education.

Associate or bachelor’s degree.

An associate or bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or finance can help you gain a more advanced role in an accounts payable department. Candidates should have strong math and computer skills and consider pursuing concentrations in those areas.

What Key Skills Do You Need to Become an Accounts Payable Clerk?

Several critical accounts payable clerk skills will help you succeed in the role. Here are a few of the most essential skills necessary to thrive in an accounts payable department:

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Expertise

Accounting or accounts payable experience and a working knowledge of spreadsheet software such as Excel or QuickBooks will help you be a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

If you’re hired strictly as an accounts payable clerk, you probably won’t be expected to handle the duties of an accounts receivable position, but you may be expected to have a general understanding of both roles. Larger companies tend to separate these positions, while smaller organizations are more likely to combine them into one job function.

What’s the difference between the two roles?

  • Accounts payable. An accounts payable clerk receives invoices and ensures bills are paid on time. They keep track of invoices and vendors, upload data into the system, and process outgoing payments in compliance with the company’s financial policies.
  • Accounts receivable. An accounts receivable clerk bills customers and processes customer payments. They also create invoices according to company policies and submit them to management or clients for approval. When payments are received, they prepare bank deposits, reconcile accounts to make sure full payment is received, resolve billing issues, and generate reports detailing the status of accounts. To ensure payments are received in a timely manner, they may issue bill reminders to clients.

Proficient at Payroll Functions & Procedures

Depending on the job, you may be required to enter payroll data into the company’s financial systems. If your accounts payable role also requires payroll duties, you will need to know how to collect employees’ timesheets, calculate wages, issue statements, detail earnings, and prepare paychecks. To be successful, you should have excellent math skills and exceptional attention to detail. Handling payroll is a huge responsibility and essential to the reputation and ongoing success of the company. Mistakes can be costly, and errors can cause a major financial mess for your employer. It is critical that you gain familiarity and skill with payroll functions before undertaking the duties of an accounts payable clerk job in Dallas, TX, with payroll responsibilities.

Ability to Maintain General Ledgers

Maintaining the accounts payable ledger within the general ledger will be an essential part of your job as an accounts payable clerk. This record book keeps track of all current liabilities, so you know exactly how much the company owes and vendors and creditors. The accounts payable ledger is a snapshot of a company’s debt and is used as a record of all the purchases an organization makes. Businesses record several types of information in an accounts payable ledger, including:

  • Vendor or creditor name
  • Invoice number
  • Amount of debt owed to each creditor and vendor
  • Billing and payment dates
  • Description of goods purchased

Meticulous Organization Skills

In this position, many documents and invoices will come across your desk. The ability to keep everything organized is crucial. Losing an invoice can have significant financial penalties for your employer, so you must meticulously follow company policies to upload and track all documents. When there is a question about a bill or a discrepancy in an invoice, an accounts payable clerk must rapidly produce documentation to solve the problem.

Most companies will have a well-established system for keeping track of accounts, but the responsibility rests on you to follow them and improve them where possible. As companies grow, they often need more complex systems, and an organized clerk can prove invaluable to the financial health of an organization.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is one of the most critical accounts payable clerk skills. There is very little margin for error when you are dealing with large amounts of company money. Mistaking one number for another can have catastrophic consequences, potentially incurring fines and costing hours of labor to repair an error. An accounts payable clerk who can focus on doing things right the first time is an asset to any company.

How Do You Become an Accounts Payable Clerk in Dallas?

Looking for a job as an accounts payable clerk? Consider these tips for finding the right role for you:

Prepare your resume.

Before launching your search, take a few minutes to polish your resume. List your relevant financial or accounting experience and education, as well as any soft or hard skills that might tempt employers to reach out for an interview.

Search job boards.

Job boards offer many opportunities for accounts payable positions. Enter search terms to help you identify which companies are hiring and whether you might be suitable for the role. Then you can apply directly to the company or through the job board. Some boards even allow you to set up personalized job alerts so that you are instantly aware of new opportunities.

Partner with a Dallas staffing agency.

Finding the proper role can feel like a second full-time job. Working with a staffing firm can make finding the right role easier. Dallas recruiters will take the time to understand your skills, experience, and interests and match you with employers and work environments where you will be most likely to succeed.

Consider these reasons to partner with a staffing agency in Dallas:

  • Find a job faster. Staffing agencies work with multiple employers, giving you access to more jobs. Recruiters have established contacts in the financial industry, reducing search time and getting you to work faster.
  • Gain a career partner. Your recruiter will help you polish your resume, practice interviewing skills, and choose roles that will advance your career.
  • Enjoy flexibility. Work when and where you want by choosing temporary or temp-to-hire assignments that fit your schedule.
  • Gain experience. If you don’t have the experience to get a full-time accounts payable clerk job offer, working with a staffing agency can help you find temporary placements in the industry. Gain experience in the field while you continue searching for your dream job.

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