What Can Employers Do To Keep Healthcare Staff Healthy?

Healthcare workers dedicate their lives to helping sick and injured patients. However, it’s inevitable that they’ll also occasionally fall ill — especially when working in close proximity to so many germs.


Despite this, you feel like your staff gets sick a lot. Frequent requests for time off mean you’re constantly struggling between granting your team the sick days they need and making sure you have enough workers on site to care for patients.


You might not realize that you can play a role in keeping your staff healthy. Use these tips to take better care of your healthcare workers, so they can feel great and provide the best possible patient care.


Offer Health Incentives

Nurses and other healthcare workers are needed around the clock, so they often follow a non-traditional schedule. This can make it challenging to get enough sleep, exercise and prepare healthy meals.


Give them a little extra push by offering incentives like reduced healthcare premiums, cash bonuses or gift cards to exercise at least a few days a week, participate in a weight loss challenge or quit smoking.


Make It Easy to Keep Workspaces Clean

More than the average workplace, healthcare facilities are filled with germs. Therefore, if employees aren’t constantly cleaning their work areas, it’s almost inevitable they’ll get sick often.


Provide them with resources like antibacterial wipes, so they always have cleaning materials at their fingertips. When these materials are right in front of them, they’re more likely to clean surfaces quickly and often, decreasing the spread of germs.


Fill Open Positions Quickly

When you’re short-staffed, it can be hard for employees to take time off — even much-needed sick days. This isn’t right, because people shouldn’t have to come into work when they’re sick. It’s also unfair to the rest of your staff and patients, because it exposes them to someone who is sick, increasing the chances they’ll catch the illness.


Avoid this by filling job openings as quickly as possible. When an employee gives their notice or you realize a new position needs to be created, make it a top priority to hire someone — or outsource this task to a recruiter.


If you need to hire new healthcare workers, PrideStaff Dallas is here to help. Contact us today to find employees committed to doing what it takes to stay healthy.