5 Risks of Leaving Critical Positions Open Too Long

As a busy manager, you don’t have time to accomplish everything daily on your standard to-do list. Therefore, when you need to hire, it, unfortunately, takes a backseat to tasks deemed more important.

This might make sense at the moment, but it can cause serious negative consequences if the position is left open too long. Here’s a look at the problems you might face if you don’t make filling critical positions a priority.

Customer Service Takes a Hit

When you’re short-staffed, something has to give. No matter how dedicated your employees are, they can only serve so many customers each day. You can push them to handle more, but that means they won’t be able to give people the amount of time and attention they’re accustomed to. Consequently, the quality of your customer service will decline, and people will notice.

Increased Overtime

Not having enough people on staff usually means current employees have to put in overtime. This can be a good solution in a pinch, but paying time and a half adds up fast. Pretty soon, your payroll expenses will skyrocket to a level you haven’t seen before — and certainly can’t afford.

Lost Revenue

Decreasing the quality of your customer service while increasing overtime expenses isn’t a good combination. Add to that the lost productivity from not having a full staff, and your bottom line will take a hit.

Turnover Levels Rise

Dedicated employees probably won’t mind putting in a little extra overtime, but working long hours and taking on tasks not part of their job description will get old fast. This will cause morale to decline, resulting in more resignation letters landing on your desk. In addition to losing good workers, you have even more critical positions to fill.

Top Talent Heads Elsewhere

If you’re posting open positions, but your hiring process drags on forever, you will miss out on the best candidates. Top talent is in demand, so no matter how great the job is at your company, they’re not going to wait around when fielding other offers.


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