Is It Worth It To Work With a Staffing Agency?

When you need to add a new person to your team, the hiring process has always been led by yourself or a member of your team. However, you’re thinking of trying something different.

You’re interested in seeing if a local staffing agency could do a better job hiring than your team has been doing internally. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, working with a recruiter could be a great move for your company.

You Need to Hire Fast

Whether your busy season is quickly approaching or a key employee just quit, you need to fill a position yesterday. Management has plenty of other competing priorities, so finding a quality candidate quickly will be a major challenge.

Teaming up with a staffing agency will eliminate the stress of this situation because they’ll handle everything for you. Just explain what you want in new hire and you can remove yourself from the process until it’s time to meet their final picks.

Turnover is on the Rise

Lately, your company has been a revolving door of talent. It’s possible several employees have coincidentally had a life change or found incredible opportunities around the same time, but that’s not very likely. There’s a better chance you’re hiring the wrong people or your culture needs improvement.

A staffing agency can help you move past this by examining your culture. They’ll suggest any changes that need to be made and find candidates that are truly a great fit for your team.

Productivity is Declining

Once upon a time, you were constantly impressed by how hard your employees worked. However, things have changed. Something is up and you need to focus all your energy on existing employees to figure out what’s going on and make meaningful changes.

If you need to hire during this time, working with a recruiter is a great idea because they’ll handle everything for you. This will allow open positions to be filled — properly and quickly — while you help your existing employees get back on track.

Payroll Costs Are Too High

It takes a lot of talented, hardworking people to keep your company successful. Of course, that doesn’t mean every one of these workers needs to be on your payroll year-round.

If you’re keeping extra people on staff just to handle your busy season or with a specific skill set that you need, but not all the time, there’s an easy solution. Instead of paying people when you don’t need them, your staffing partner can help you find temporary talent to hire when needed, with no obligation to keep them on staff when you don’t.


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