The Top 3 Ways Recruiters Find Qualified Employees in Dallas

You’ve always filled open positions at your company on your own, but to be honest, you haven’t been that pleased with your recent hires. Therefore, you’re thinking of delegating your hiring to a staffing agency.

Since they fill open positions for a living, a recruiter will likely be able to find the types of candidates you need but have been unable to attract. In addition to their expertise, this is because their process doesn’t involve simply copying the job description used the last time the position was vacant and posting it on a job board.

Want to learn how staffing professionals work their magic?

Here’s a look at the top three ways they connect with top Dallas talent.

Writing Strategic Job Descriptions

A job description is the first impression you make on potential candidates, so it needs to be engaging and relevant. To achieve this, you’ll want to write each job from scratch, to ensure it accurately represents both the position and your company.

Recruiters list the main duties associated with the job, but they also really sell it by touching on growth opportunities and explaining why your company is a great place to work. While unique job titles — number ninja, i.e., accountant — might seemingly make the job description more interesting, this is actually a bad idea. It can confuse candidates and cause the posting to be omitted from relevant searches.

Asking the Right Questions

In most cases, you can gauge a candidate’s ability to do the job from their resume. Therefore, the interview should be mostly used to determine their fit for your team.

Recruiters ask behavioral interview questions like, “What is your preferred management style?” or “Tell me about a time you didn’t see eye to eye with a colleague” to gain telling clues on whether or not the person would be an asset to your team.

Seeking Qualified Candidates on an Ongoing Basis

Staffing professionals never stop recruiting, because they know active candidates aren’t always the best fit. By always accepting resumes, they’re able to create a talent pool filled with both active and passive candidates. This gives them a head start when they’re ready to hire, because they typically already have at least a few professionals waiting in the wings who could be the ideal fit.


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