Reflect and Recharge: Why All Professionals Should Reflect on 2021 Before Preparing Goals for 2022

You’ve achieved a lot this year, but you still have plenty to do before December 31. Now that we’re halfway through 2022, you’re ready to set some new goals to kickstart the second half of the year.

Past objectives pave the way for success, so you’ve spent the last six months finishing up 2021 goals — and there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to arrive at the finish line, as long as you get there and are happy with your results.

Now that you’re ready to set new goals for 2022, it’s important to reflect on this past year, so you can create objectives that perfectly align with your future plans.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Look Back on Your Greatest Achievements

Your 2021 goals led you to some pretty impressive achievements, so think about what made you the proudest. Maybe you overcame your fear of public speaking or perhaps you finally convinced your boss to let you take the lead on a project — and totally nailed it.

Taking the time to celebrate yourself is important because you’ve earned it and doing so will allow you to gain a better sense of what gives you the career satisfaction you deserve. This will help you create new goals that are truly fulfilling.

Think About What You Learned

Hopefully, your 2021 was filled with professional wins. However, the year was far from a loss even if you experienced more than your fair share of setbacks. Learning lessons the hard way isn’t fun at the moment, but it can make you stronger than ever.

Therefore, taking the time to reexamine projects that didn’t go as planned or promotions you didn’t get is important. Since some time has passed, your feelings on the matter probably aren’t as raw as they were in the moment, making now a great time to reflect on lessons learned.

Revisit Any Unfinished Goals

It’s possible you still have a few 2021 objectives that aren’t quite — or at all — complete. Instead of feeling frustrated that these items are still on your plate, focus on finishing up those that are still relevant before the end of this year. Consider this an opportunity to start fresh and show yourself what you can when you’re fully committed.


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