5 Ways to Help Employees Feel Like They Belong

Your employees are the glue that keeps your company together. These people dedicate a huge part of their lives to your organization, so you want work to be a place where they’re comfortable.

Feeling invisible, like they don’t have a voice or just don’t fit in, will make their experience with your company largely unpleasant. This is, of course, the last thing you want, so use this advice to help your employees create a sense of belonging.

Empower Them

Constantly hovering and micromanaging your employees’ every move sends the message you don’t trust them. You hired great people, so give them the freedom to make their own decisions. They might not do things the same way you would, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Put your full support behind them and be their biggest cheerleader. Growth doesn’t happen without change, so make it okay to try new things and fail. This allows people to feel comfortable exploring new ideas and strengthening their skillsets.

Recognize Great Work

Your employees put their full effort into their jobs every day. They don’t require constant praise, but it doesn’t feel good to rarely — or never — receive positive feedback from the boss. Chances are, you know they’re doing amazing work but have just grown so accustomed to it, you forget to say anything. Since they’re not mind-readers, make a point to call out their efforts and thank them for everything they do.

Embrace Their Individuality

Each of your employees is unique, so celebrate their differences. Let their personalities shine by taking measures like keeping your dress code as flexible as possible and encouraging people to decorate their workspace in a manner that makes them feel at home. This will make your team more interesting while allowing people to feel more relaxed at work.

Promote Diversity

Chances are, your team is composed of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, which is amazing. Make diversity and inclusion a priority by training company leaders on how to effectively manage employees who are different from them — for example, you might provide unconscious bias training.

You’ll also want to ensure your workplace is accommodating to everyone. Survey employees to find out what you can do to promote diversity better. For example, you might designate a room for Muslim employees to pray or offer more floating holidays so that people can celebrate important cultural and religious occasions.

Let Them Know You Care

No one wants to feel like just a number. Show employees they matter to you as people by taking an interest in their lives. Ask them about their weekends, learn their kids’ names, and celebrate their major life events. This will make your company feel more like a work family than just a group of people who happen to work together.

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