Learn How to Use Your Company’s Culture to Attract Candidates

Your company culture is the glue that binds your organization. These shared values, goals, and practices define your business and keep employees on the same page.

Therefore, it’s important to use your culture to attract candidates because anyone who doesn’t mesh won’t last. Use these tips to work your culture into your job descriptions successfully.

Set the Tone

Sometimes it’s not so much what you say but how you say it that matters most. Choosing your words wisely is a must because top talent reads job descriptions with a fine-tooth comb. For example, if your culture is laid-back, you might weave words like “casual” and “quirky” into the text. On the other hand, if you’re in a more formal workplace, you’ll want to use more traditional language.

Don’t Be a Cliché

You might think incorporating buzzwords and phrases into your job descriptions will make your company sound hip and modern, but that isn’t the case. Cliches like “work hard, play hard” and “think outside the box” are so overused, they’ve lost their meaning. Therefore, including them will make your company look generic — and honestly, a bit tacky.

Emphasize Popular Perks

Candidates shouldn’t be drawn to your company solely for the benefits, but they do matter. The perks you choose to offer employees directly reflect your brand because they highlight what’s important to your team. For example, offering onsite childcare shows you have a family-oriented culture while providing employees with three meals a day makes it clear you expect a significant time commitment.

Highlight Growth Opportunities

Top talent wants to work for an employer that values constant learning. Make it clear this is part of your culture by mentioning the types of training opportunities you provide employees regularly — i.e., lunch and learns, conferences, onsite trainers. If you make offering room to grow a priority, you’ll also want to include that, so people know your company is a place where they can move up the ladder.

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