Starting a New Job? Learn How to Calm Your Nerves

You searched long and hard for a new job, and you finally found the perfect fit. Taking the next step in your career is exciting, so congratulations on this accomplishment! Of course, starting a new job can also be extremely nerve-wracking — especially if you spent a long time with your previous employer.

No doubt, your new team can’t wait to have you on board. Out of all the candidates that applied for the job, you were chosen to fill the position. Of course, even knowing this probably won’t put you completely at ease, so here are a few tips to help calm your new job jitters.

Research Your New Company

It’s almost inevitable that you spent a lot of time learning about your new employer when preparing for interviews. However, you’re now able to research from a different perspective — that of a new employee.

Use LinkedIn to search for your new co-workers — using their names if you have them or searching by company and job title. This will allow you to see if you have any shared connections. If so, ask them to introduce you before your first day. It’s also wise to take a deep dive into the company blog and social media pages so that you can learn as much as possible about the culture.

Figure Out Logistics

The simplest things about a new job — i.e., what mode of transportation you’ll use to get there and how long the commute will take — can be very stressful because it’s currently unknown. Help yourself relax by figuring these things out in advance. For example, you might research possible modes of public transportation or search for monthly leases at parking lots near the office.

Dress to Impress

How you present yourself on the first day matters, so choose an outfit that looks great and makes you feel confident. This might mean treating yourself to something new or pulling an old favorite out of your closet. Just be sure to consult the company dress code before you start preparing — contact human resources if you don’t already have it — to make sure your attire aligns with the rules.

Ask for Help

Realize no one expects you to walk into the office on day one and already know the ropes. Feeling like you can’t ask questions will only increase your nerves, so speak up if you are unsure of anything. Your new team members will be happy to help, and knowing you’re doing things the right way will give you peace of mind.
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