There Are Many Benefits to Putting Your Employees First

Being the boss is a massive job. You value your employees, but you also need to run a profitable business. If you’re like many managers, this can inadvertently cause you to put the company ahead of your employees.

The thing is, your business can’t run itself. If your employees aren’t happy, they’re not going to do their best work. This will ultimately cause your company’s reputation to decline, which will impact your earnings.

Putting employees first is the right choice, because people who enjoy their jobs tend to stay with the company longer. Lower levels of turnover allow you to spend less on hiring while having a team filled with workers who know your company inside and out.

Here’s a look at three ways to show your team how much they mean to you by putting them first.

Realize the Customer Isn’t Always Right

Your employees always treat customers with respect, but unfortunately, their kindness isn’t always reciprocated. If a customer is truly wrong — i.e., behaving rudely or trying to do something against company policy — stand up for your employee. This will show them they mean more to you than an entitled customer.

Many managers make the mistake of overriding an employee — who is right — in front of a customer — who is wrong. This is both insulting and embarrassing for the worker and could cause them to quit or at least grow to resent you. Sure, you might lose a sale, but it’s worth keeping a great person happily employed..

Offer a Flexible Work Environment

Technology has made it possible for many companies to function seamlessly without employees being in the same physical location. If your business has this ability, give people as much flexibility as possible with their work. This might mean allowing them to work remotely — at least a few days per week — and set their own schedule.

Giving people the freedom to work when and where they want makes it possible for employees to have a solid work-life balance. Employees who work for an outstanding company know they have it good and pay their employer back by doing their best work each day.

Make Them Feel Valued

Show employees you care about them by going out of your way to make it clear their hard work is appreciated. When someone goes above and beyond, thank them for their outstanding efforts. Ask for their opinions and incorporate at least some of their feedback. Always keep them in the loop on company happenings, as employees have a right to know what is happening.

When your budget allows, buy them lunch or take them on a fun team outing to make it clear you’re glad they choose to work for you.

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