Who is Best Qualified For The Position? 4 Tips to Help You Read a Resume

You need to fill an open position on your team, but to be honest, you don’t have much hiring experience. Whether this is your first time steering the hiring process or something you’ve only done a few times, you’re not quite sure how to read a resume.

Finding the best person for the job is a task you’re fully committed to, so you’re looking for tips to help you get up to speed. Here’s some advice to help you learn how to decipher the pile of resumes on your desk.

Conduct an Initial Scan

No doubt, the job you posted is a competitive one, meaning you probably received a high volume of resumes. You won’t have time to dissect each one thoroughly, eliminating those not qualified with a quick first-round scan. Check for any keywords used frequently throughout the job description, must-have skills, and spelling and grammatical errors.

Carefully Assess Qualifications

Round two of your resume reviews will take longer because you’ve narrowed the candidates down to serious contenders. Review each person’s skills and qualifications to gauge their fit for the job. Do note, the most motivated candidates will make this easy by tailoring their resumes to showcase their relevant abilities and accomplishments.

Take note of any major skills gaps. This could help you decide between two otherwise seemingly equal candidates. At the very least, you’ll want to ask the person for further clarification if you decide to interview them.

Review Employment History

The right candidate’s past employment has prepared them to excel at your company. Carefully assess each person’s work history to learn more about their main responsibilities so that you can determine their relevance. You’ll also want to review dates of employment to see if the candidate has any employment gaps — or a history of job-hopping — that could be a red flag.

Make a Decision

After you’ve gathered all pertinent information, it’s time to decide if you want to interview the candidate. If someone seems like they would be a good addition to your team but not the right person for this particular opportunity, put their resume aside for later. Just because a candidate isn’t the best choice for the job at hand doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be an asset to your team in another role.

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