4 Skills That Make a Great Manager

Filling a managerial position is a huge deal. It’s important to choose someone who resonates with people, who will champion their team while helping each person learn and grow.

Many companies automatically promote high-performing employees into this type of role, but this is a mistake because not everyone is management material. You recognize this, and while you haven’t ruled out promoting an existing employee, you’re also considering hiring from the outside.

Here’s a look at four key skills your new manager will need to be a success.


Since a management role is a leadership position, you need someone with the confidence to lead the pack. This person needs to believe in themselves enough to make quick — and sometimes tough — decisions because employees need a strong leader. Having someone in charge who knows where the team is headed will make employees feel secure and excited about the future.


The ability to communicate is a must for managers. Without communication, there’s a huge disconnect with the rest of the team. To be effective in the role, the boss needs to quickly, easily, and effectively relay messages to employees. They also have to adapt to different communication styles to ensure they can reach each person properly.


A manager has a huge impact on employees’ lives. The good ones understand this and use their weight to support their team. They take the time to get to know them and find out what’s going on in their lives to better relate to them.

This is important because it makes employees feel cared for and valued. It also builds trust, which is essential for a good working relationship.


A managerial role holds a lot of weight. It’s not uncommon for people to handle this by becoming a micromanager. This allows them to keep a close watch on everything employees do. However, it’s frustrating for the team because it makes them feel like their boss doesn’t trust them.

The best managers know when to let go of tasks and allow employees to do their jobs. They always make themselves available to the team but stand back and let them do things their own way. When people make mistakes, they consider it a learning experience and lend a helping hand if needed.

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