These 4 Tips Will Help You Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Individually speaking, all of your employees do outstanding work. However, they don’t always flow seamlessly as a team.

Each person has their own unique path and way of doing things, which is great, but you’d like them to be a bit more aligned. Use these tips to bring your team closer together, improve collaboration, communicate, and feel more like you’re moving forward together.

Clearly Define Roles

Conflicts frequently happen when employees feel like their colleagues are stepping on their toes. Therefore, it’s important to clarify everyone’s role on the team and individual responsibilities. Each employee’s duties should be clearly written in their job description, so there’s no room for confusion. This will make it easy to reference if there’s any uncertainty regarding individual tasks or the overall scope of anyone’s job.

Set SMART Goals

It’s hard for your team to succeed if employees are working toward different objectives. Get everyone on the same page by creating a set of SMART goals — i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound — together as a group. This clarifies exactly what the team is working toward and quickly highlights the progress made, which will help everyone band together and stay on track.

Applaud Outstanding Teamwork

Help your employees grow closer by celebrating outstanding team efforts. When you notice people working together to solve a problem, help one another or achieve a goal, let them know you’re proud of their efforts. Different accolades might be appropriate depending on the action observed. I.e., you might stop by their desks and congratulate savvy problem-solving efforts, while you could consider buying the team lunch when they meet a particularly ambitious goal.

Avoid Micromanaging

Being the boss comes with a lot of responsibility, but you have to learn to trust your team. It can be tempting to always have your hands in projects they’re working on, but that won’t teach them to work together. By stepping aside and allowing them to solve problems and make choices as a group, you’re helping them become stronger as a team.

Plus, no one likes a micromanager. The last thing you want is for your employees to bond over how frustrating they find you as a manager.

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