5 Helpful Tips on Becoming a Team Player

You have your own job and responsibilities, but you’re part of something bigger. Everything you do affects the group as a whole, so it’s important to be a good team player.
Right now, you feel like you’re doing a decent job of this, but you want to be your very best. Here’s some advice to help you become the kind of person your team needs to achieve peak performance.

Share Your Thoughts

You were hired because you’re a talented professional with really great ideas — so speak up. If you’re a bit shy, it can be intimidating to share your thoughts in front of a group of people, but they genuinely want to hear what you think. You can always start slow by sharing ideas with your boss or a small group of coworkers until you feel confident enough to address the entire team.

Pitch In Where You’re Needed

Being a good team player doesn’t mean quitting when your job is done. Whether all hands on deck are needed to meet a deadline or a colleague is inundated with work, rolling up your sleeves and offering to help is the right thing to do. When the team wins, you win.

Meet Deadlines

Every person on the team plays a key role in its success. Therefore, you need to submit assignments on time because other people are relying on you. If you miss deadlines, it will likely hold your colleagues up and keep them from completing their own work on time.

Be Open-Minded

Every team is a group of unique individuals. This means you’ll be working alongside people whose work styles, personalities, and values differ from yours. Be willing to compromise with your colleagues because you can’t always have everything your way. Having an open mind will also allow you to learn and grow because you’ll gain a new perspective.

Celebrate Your Peers’ Wins

You’re an ambitious person with big plans for your career, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy for your coworkers when they find success. When one person on the team wins, everyone wins, so be happy you’re working alongside such talented people. Next time, you’ll probably be the one who scores a victory, and you’ll want the rest of the team to be happy for you.

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