PrideStaff North Dallas Awards a Trusted Partner!

We truly love the clients we work with, and we love building a good relationship with them. This kind of relationship helps us to completely understand their needs and do what it takes to go above and beyond to provide experiences focused on what they value most! It becomes a true partnership!


Last week, we were able to go out, in person, and celebrate one of our clients! We have worked with this client for 5 years now and it has been an amazing time with them! We have had over 40 employee placements with them and have worked with some of the most fabulous hiring managers! We are so grateful for the time we have had with them! The company itself does some amazing work for the environment which is something they should be extremely proud of!

How did we come to be a partner?  They hired an Office Manager through another agency, and that candidate had actually worked with Pridestaff on their search.  The Office Manager actually told our client how great their experience was working with PrideStaff, that they encouraged the introduction.  The rest is history!

Why is our relationship so valued?  PrideStaff is the extension of our client’s offices, we truly partner with hiring managers to assist with identifying new talent and retaining their best employees.  A large portion of this partnership is adapting to the ever changing economic market (and its effects on recruiting/employee engagement).  Our Trusted Partner Award is designated to recognize those partnerships between PrideStaff and a valued client where we are an integral part of their company.  This client was recognized as using PrideStaff as more than a recruiting resource, but as a true consultative partner who makes an impacts on many aspects of their business.

Why do we love working with our client?  We take a strong amount of pride in the relationships we have with clients and with job seekers.  We want to ensure that our client partnerships are with companies who will carry the same values that we do, and provide a great working environment for our employees.  This client stands out in their company culture- they select only the best of the best employees and they treat them that way from day one!  We are always confident that job seekers will be valued and treated well with this client!

Cheers to a wonderful partnership and to 5+ more years with this fantastic company!

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