Looking Back at Our Everyday Heroes

Last year we were able to recognize some amazing employees as Everyday Heroes! Everyday Heroes consistently go above and beyond what is expected to work hard, serve others, and make a difference.

We believe it is Our Mission to “consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” Our outstanding Field Associates carry this Mission with them every day to dive in with both hands and feet to work hard, serve others, and make a difference is only a small part of what makes our Everyday Heroes shine. It’s these tendencies combined with their ability to pour their efforts into others in order to leave things better than they found it that have made our Everyday Heroes an indispensable part of PrideStaff. Below are a few of the Everyday Heroes we recognized!


Aisha Muhammed has been an amazing employee. Her supervisor recognized her work ethic! “Aisha consistently goes above and beyond for everyone she comes in contact with! On her last assignment with PrideStaff, she proactively began watering the plants for tenants who were suddenly working remotely. No one asked her to do this, it’s just her nature to care. The tenant was so appreciative, they sent her a gift card as a thank you! In her current role, she works with multiple customers all day long. At the end of October, an appreciative office in Lewisville sent her a goody basket as a thank you for all of her efforts! She received cookies and a sweet card from a group of customers. We are so thankful to know Aisha and hear of the impact she is making in the lives of others! That is truly living the PrideStaff mission!”


Read what Lizzy’s supervisor had to say for why she is an Everyday Hero:

“Since her first day, Lizzy has been a dependable, positive addition to the HR department. Just two short months after being with us, she managed to hold the department up alone while I was on vacation. Lizzy stepped up to the plate each time it required it, and handled different situations, no matter how difficult or sticky, with poise and calm demeanor. Her smile and positive attitude have helped the HR department continue its reputation of being helpful, available, and reliable. Lizzy is a true rock star!”


This is what Loy’s supervisor had to say about her:

“She has made a huge impact this year. Our former payroll processing firm had a system glitch that they hid from us for 2 quarters and Loy worked tirelessly to get it cleaned up. She also stabilized the function and is now working to build it up. LOVE working with Loy…she has turned the payroll department around!”


Sierra has been on contract for 8 months and has continued to impress her team! Maria and Crystal – her supervisors have said how well she has performed even with the transition to working remote. She is loved by all and makes a tremendous impact in the team.”


“We could not be happier with Carolyn Huse. She came into our company back in May to help with our payroll duties. From day one she hit the ground running. She spent about a week with the previous person who was doing the job, and then was left on her own. The first time that she had to do our payroll process, she understood what needed to be done and needed little to no guidance. She took charge of the payroll process and reports and performed the duties as if she has been with the company in her position for years.


“Madi is doing a great job so far – she has come in with a fantastic outlook and is approaching the project with high energy and a can-do attitude. It has been noticed by everyone including our top leadership – my boss said “she was a great hire, good job!” when we were discussing her in a staff meeting on Thursday.”


Lucette chose to commit herself to a leadership role with our client, and we have continued to receive nothing but positive reviews from her direct managers and the team she is leading. The team compliments her strong training abilities, and she leads by example. I’m so glad to say that Lucette is representing PrideStaff, we are very lucky!”


“Ashton picked up the job duties on her first day and just amazed everyone over the next few weeks of training. After her training was completed, she worked on her own with little or no supervision with a very high quality of work that we rarely see. We keep track of the SMC Operator daily tasks and for the month totals, Ashton is at the top of the list. Her numbers are double what the average totals are for the operators. Her strong work ethic is second to none. The pride Ashton takes in her work is truly inspiring. I am continually impressed by the results she produces. Ashton is a great asset to the company.”


These are some amazing employees that truly go the extra mile! Do you have an Everyday Hero working with you? You can nominate them today! Click here to submit a nomination!

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