4 Tips to Write a Winning Resume During COVID-19

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned 2020 into a year no one expected. Whether you went into the year planning to switch jobs or an unexpected lay off forced you to change course, you’re looking for a fresh start.

Unemployment levels have reached record-highs in 2020. Therefore, making sure your resume sells you as the best person for the job is more important than ever. Here’s some advice to help polish your resume to perfection.

Tailor Your Resume

If you weren’t already doing this, customizing your resume for each job you apply to is necessary. This is your chance to emphasize your fit for the position, so take advantage of it. Plus, hiring managers know the difference between a resume tailored to the position they’re filling and a generic one — and they’re not impressed by the latter.

Many companies also use software to scan resumes for keywords used in the job description. If yours doesn’t contain a high enough percentage, it could be automatically eliminated before it even reaches the hiring manager’s desk.

Include a Summary

The more a hiring manager can learn from your resume, the better. Including a one-sentence summary at the very top of the page offers a snapshot of your skills and experience. Essentially, you’re introducing yourself to the reader, highlighting your interest in the job, and marketing yourself as the right fit.

For example, “Seasoned customer service representative who takes pride in assisting clients and ensuring a positive experience.”

Make Formatting Changes

Resumes are typically formatted in one of two basic ways — reverse-chronological or functional. If you’re currently unemployed, it’s best to switch your format to functional.

This draws the reader’s attention to your fit for the job instead of your current employment status. Your most relevant skills go on top of the page, and your employment history is listed at the bottom.

Highlight Your Value

Anyone can claim to have certain skills, but it can be hard for a hiring manager to take these assertions seriously without numbers. Prove you’re the best person for the job by quantifying as many skills and achievements as possible. This will help you stand out because it really underlines your abilities and capacity to succeed in the job.

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