Working from Home Best Practices

Many of us are currently finding ourselves in a position that we haven’t been in before, and quite frankly never would have chosen to be working from home.  Most of us like the daily interactions of chatting at the water cooler, talking about what we did over the weekend and simply the effective collaboration of projects with our teams.  We are now living a new way of work life, where we rely on Zoom, conference calls, with less collaboration and more responsibility individually.  Some thrive in this new way of working, others are learning to adjust at a slower pace.  Here are some great ideas to be efficient at home while producing high quality work you can be proud of:

  1. Create a comfortable ergonomic work space. Sometimes working in your room right next to your bed is just a little too tempting to jump in and take a snooze. Set up your office space in a place you can truly focus on work.
  2. Remove distractions. If you don’t watch TV or play music in the office, don’t do it at home during work.
  3. Create lists and schedules to keep you on track. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to get to certain tasks completed on time.
  4. Take initiative. Your supervisors don’t have the same ability to be checking on your progress while you work from home, so get the work or projects done the first time.  This will help you mark it complete and they won’t need to worry about following up with you.
  5. Communication is key.  Speak up quickly if something isn’t working; whether it’s a piece of technology or
    any problems you might be having with the execution.
  6. Always show up to your Meetings.  This is a time when staying connected is of utmost importance. This allows time for the team to check in on progress of projects and for them to know where they might need to step in and help out. Do your best to pay attention through the whole meeting even if you think it doesn’t pertain to you, you might find out at the end of the meeting you’re in charge of a new initiative!

Hope these tips help! If you have any questions or need assistance with your job search please contact us at 972-661-1616 and we would be more than happy to help!

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