The interview process can be scary, but going in prepared and with these tips, your mind can be put at ease.

  1. Preparation is key to nailing any interview. Know the company and know who you are interviewing with! Do your research!!! This is vital for any interview whether it is virtual or in person! Look up the company on Glassdoor and look up who you are interviewing with on LinkedIn! Doing your research will help you come up with questions that are specific to the company.
  2. Ask questions!!! You can ask questions like, “Why do you love working here? What can I start doing right now to be the most prepared for my first day? How will my performance be measured? How often will I have a performance review?” These are just a few, but make it your own. Think about what you truly care about and what you want in a company and ask about it! 
  3. Dress to impress! Whether it is a video interview or in person, dress like you really want the job!
  4. Bring extra copies of your resume! Sometimes you will be meeting with more than one person, so make sure to have a few back up resumes!
  5. Bring a notepad and pen! This shows that you are prepared and when you take notes it shows you are engaged and care about what the interviewer is saying!
  6. Don’t bring your cell phone!!! Leave it in your car! Getting a phone call during the middle of an interview can be a huge distraction even if your phone is on vibrate.


Video/phone interview tips:

    1. Make sure you are in a quiet environment with no distractions.
    2. Log on 5-10 minutes early to have time to work out any technical difficulties.
    3. Be aware of what is on the walls behind you! A clear wall is the best option.
    4. Make sure your camera is at eye level. This eliminates any awkward angles.
    5. Still dress like you would for an in person interview!!!

We hope these interview tips help you nail your interview whether in person or virtually! Please let us know if you have any other questions about interviews. You can give us a call at 972-661-1616!

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