Creating a resume can be tough without help. Whether you are starting from scratch or editing your current resume, here are a few helpful tips to remember when creating the perfect resume.


  1. Keep it to two pages MAXIMUM! Recruiters only spend a few seconds on each resume, so make your words count!
  2. Alter your objective statement to match the job description of the jobs you are applying for!
  3. Your experience should be listed in chronological order descending from most recent to oldest.
  4. List Notable Achievements. BRAG on yourself!!! Provide clear, concrete details of the achievement and be results-based where possible!
  5. Make sure to use bullet points below each job and start each bullet point with a verb. (For example: -Filed paperwork in the appropriate folders.)
  6. Use numbers where you can! Recruiters love to see results that are measurable! (For example: -Increased profit margin by 30%.)


We hope these tips help, but if you get stuck feel free to call us at 972-661-1616 and we would be more than happy to assist!

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