Staying Healthy When Returning to the Office During COVID-19

You’ve been working remotely for several months, but the time has come to return to the office. No doubt, you’re feeling a bit nervous, since the COVID-19 threat is still very real.

However, your employer has taken rigorous steps to keep you safe, which is an essential starting point. In this unprecedented time, it’s also important to go above and beyond what’s expected because your actions directly impact your safety and your colleagues’ safety.

Here are a few steps you can take to decrease your chances of contracting the virus at work — or reduce the spread if you unknowingly become infected.

Revamp Your Routine

You’re not returning to the same office life you left behind. The new normal involves isolating as much as possible, so think about actions you can take to make your daily routine safer amid COVID-19.

For example, you might opt to drive to work instead of taking public transportation and bring your lunch in a cooler, instead of storing it in the breakroom refrigerator. You won’t have to follow this routine forever, but doing so can save your life for the time being.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Contact with others is unavoidable in an office setting. However, it’s important to ensure there’s at least six feet between you and anyone else at all times.

For example, this could mean it’s better to have a phone conversation with a co-worker to discuss a project, instead of talking face to face. It will also be best to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator with even one other colleague when possible.

Practice Excellent Hygiene

These days, there’s almost no such thing as washing your hands too much. Get in the habit of washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds every time you touch a shared surface. Of course, you should also wash your hands if you blow your nose or cover your mouth to cough or sneeze.

Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk to use if you’re unable to wash your hands properly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Staying healthy amid the pandemic in an office environment is a group effort. If you see someone blatantly not following the rules — i.e., not wearing a mask in the kitchen — don’t hesitate to say something. Take the issue to your boss if you’re not comfortable talking to the person on your own, because all it takes is one person to expose the entire team to the virus.

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