The current healthcare crisis has dramatically altered our industry, the economy and the way businesses hire and staff their organizations. It feels like the world has changed as much in the past month as it has in the 20 years since PrideStaff North Dallas opened its doors.


Today’s “Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Staffing” post is about a mantra that helped us during the Great Recession and is particularly relevant in light of our current economic downturn:


Lesson 7: When the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

When the economy takes a nosedive, it’s natural to want to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. It’s normal to panic. But if you want to survive, you can’t cower in fear. You must be creative. Decisive. And highly adaptable.


PrideStaff North Dallas has weathered three economic downturns and come out the other side stronger, more competitive and profitable each time. The going has become tough once again. But instead of battening down the hatches, we’re becoming even more resourceful.


Here are a few principles we’re following to stay optimistic and creatively solve problems:

  • Pivot quickly. We rapidly adjusted our operations to make the most of this situation. Thankfully, we embraced technology and processes years ago that have allowed us to seamlessly transition to remote work – and continue serving our clients and associates.
  • Focus on what we can control. We can’t change the fact that the coronavirus has come to the U.S., but we are doing whatever is necessary to help businesses thrive and individuals find work while following “shelter in place” directives.
  • Stay grateful, positive and calm. Our team talks about everything we have (there is so much to be thankful for right now) rather than on everything we might lose.
  • Embrace technology. Social distancing has certainly presented challenges, but we’ve adapted. Right now, we’re using Zoom meetings to get facetime with clients. We’re conducting video interviews in lieu of in-person ones. We’re using a proprietary engagement platform, PrideStaff Connect, to accelerate placements, improve assignment completion rates and deliver higher staffing ROI for our clients.


Need help weathering this downturn?

PrideStaff North Dallas is here to support your success. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we’re prepared to thrive in any economy – and to help you do the same. Whether you need:

  • just-in-time support to cover absences
  • temporary staff to meet changes in demand
  • hiring support to capitalize on the short-term availability of great talent
  • a workforce strategy to reduce overhead, minimize risk and still get your work done


We’re just a click or call away. Let’s talk about your challenges, and work together to design a creative solution that delivers the results you need.


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