4 Ways to Support Employees Returning to Work

Most — or all — of your employees haven’t been working onsite during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past few months, they’ve either been working from home or furloughed, but the time has come to resume operations in the new normal.

No doubt, everyone is at least a bit nervous about this, as the pandemic is far from over. However, you’re committed to keeping people safe as they return to work. Here’s some advice to help you provide the much-needed support your employees need right now.

Ask Employees What They Need

You want to help your team feel as comfortable as possible returning to work, so find out what’s on their minds. Send employees an email survey to learn what makes them feel most anxious about coming back to the office — i.e., lack of reliable childcare, fear of contracting COVID-19, confusion about what to expect at work, and so on everything possible to put them at ease.

Share Enhanced Safety Steps

You’ve worked hard to create a plan that keeps employees safe on the job, so share it with them. Knowing your plan to stagger shifts, require masks, cancel all in-person meetings, or install plexiglass between desks will make people feel safer returning to work. Helping them know what to expect will allow them to better prepare for their first day back.

Promote Mental Wellness

This is the first time most people have lived through a global pandemic, so the past few months have been undeniably stressful. Show your team you care about their mental well-being by providing benefits to help them cope.

For example, you might offer free access to an emotional support hotline that employees and their dependents can call to help them work through pandemic-related issues. This will also help them be more productive at work because happier employees are better able to focus.

Communicate Crisis Plans

Everyone returning to work is inevitably going to want to know what will happen if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19. Knowledge is power, so help people feel more comfortable by clearly communicating the steps that will be taken if the virus makes its way to your workforce.

Sharing your plan shows people you’ve taken the time to consider every scenario and have fully covered the bases. It will also be helpful if an employee does contract the virus because people will know what to expect.

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