Everyday Heroes consistently go above and beyond what is expected to work hard, serve others, and make a difference.

We believe it is Our Mission to “consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” Our outstanding Field Associates carry this Mission with them every day to dive in with both hands and feet to work hard, serve others, and make a difference is only a small part of what makes our Everyday Heroes shine. It’s these tendencies combined with their ability to pour their efforts into others in order to leave things better than they found it that have made our Everyday Heroes an indispensable part of PrideStaff. This month we are excited to recognize Carolyn Huse as our Everyday Hero!

Below you can read about why she was voted as a true Everyday Hero:

“We could not be happier with Carolyn Huse. She came into our company back in May to help with our payroll duties. From day one she hit the ground running. She spent about a week with the previous person who was doing the job, and then was left on her own. The first time that she had to do our payroll process, she understood what needed to be done and needed little to no guidance. She took charge of the payroll process and reports and performed the duties as if she has been with the company in her position for years.

Along with her skills and knowledge, she has the best attitude and a smile on her face every day. She comes into work with a “can do” attitude, and she makes the office a fun place to work. She has gotten to know the employees in our office and interacts well with them. She has also had to interact with a few of the Vice Presidents, and she is always very professional.

I never would have thought that someone from the outside of our company could come into our office and pickup our processes and procedures so quickly and accurately. Our focus in HR is to help our employees provide the best HR services possible, which include payroll. Carolyn always makes sure to double check her work to ensure there are no errors. She is always concerned that all the employees get paid correctly and on time. She is the first to admit if she does not know something, but she will do whatever it takes to find out the answer. The word “no” is never in her vocabulary.

I could not be happier with Carolyn and the work she has done in a very short amount of time. Carolyn is the perfect example of “Consistently Providing Client Experiences Focused on What They Value Most.” She is always looking for ways to do things better, and she continues to learn more every day. She is not only a wonderful temporary employee, but she is also a wonderful person.”


Our Everyday Heroes are one of the many things that make PrideStaff so special. We are proud to have Carolyn Huse on our Team!

Are you interested in finding an Everyday Hero for your organization? Give us a call at 972-661-1616 or CLICK HERE. We’d be happy to chat about the impact they can have on your business.

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