Meet Andrew Moline

Last week, we welcomed an amazing new member to our PrideStaff family! We are excited to introduce you to him!


What were you doing before working with PrideStaff North Dallas?

I was a restaurant manager for 15 years leading up to a new opportunity with Pridestaff. I had been looking for a more normalized working schedule and luckily was able to find that opportunity here!


What is your role with PrideStaff?

I am the Recruiting Assistant!


What is your favorite thing about working at PrideStaff?

Every. Single. Person. The sweetest, most accommodating and patient people I have ever had the pleasure working with. I began this job in the middle of a pandemic and even though the training and the job is remote, I still feel very valued and heard. It is amazing what people can do for people!


What is your Favorite PrideStaff memory?

Having the pre-screening process click. Feeling like you are beginning to understand the process and the seeing it executed, and eventually leading to a life changing moment for an individual.


Anything your clients and candidates may not know about you?

Useless information and random questions are two of my favorite things. Butterflies taste through their feet!

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