The world is going through a terrible time right now, and your team is feeling it. It’s likely the COVID-19 pandemic has your company working from home right now, which is important to keep everyone safe.

However, your team is feeling a disconnect, and this is causing morale to suffer. Here are a few tips to turn things around and help boost morale from anywhere.

Set Fun Goals

Your team has plenty of business-oriented objectives, but those aren’t exactly fun. Spice things up a bit by giving employees a fun challenge. This can be anything from who can eat the strangest breakfast to who can do the most pushups, as long as it’s a goal they’ll enjoy.

Talk About Frustrations

No matter how much employees enjoy their jobs, things are going to happen that irritate them. Roadblocks that are difficult to overcome, challenges with vendors, and budget constraints will leave employees feeling exasperated. Many people internalize these feelings, but that doesn’t make them go away. Creating a culture of open and honest communication, where people feel comfortable talking about issues will make your team happier and more fulfilled.

Lead By Example

Few things are more maddening than having a boss who doesn’t abide by their own rules. Earn the respect of your team by holding yourself accountable for the same things you expect of them. It’s much easier for employees to understand where you’re coming from regarding certain rules when you take them seriously too.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

Your team works hard because they want to achieve great things. It can be difficult for them to keep pushing themselves if they feel invisible because you rarely seem to notice. The best people don’t require constant praise, but when they do something that really impresses you, take the time to say thank you. A little recognition from you will mean a lot to them.

Share Results

Each of your employees plays an important part in the company’s overall success. However, it can be difficult for people to understand the value of the work they’re doing. Help them realize how significant their individual contributions are by explaining how they tie into big and small company wins. Understanding the importance of their work — even tasks that seem mundane — will inspire people to give their best efforts.

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