How to Handle Isolation From Working at Home Due to COVID-19

The arrival of COVID-19 turned millions of people into remote employees essentially overnight. You’re grateful to be still able to earn a paycheck during the pandemic, but working from home has made you feel lonely.

You like your co-workers and genuinely enjoy the buzz of working in an office, so this is something you’re struggling with. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone right now, but you’re not. Here’s some advice to help you feel more connected to your team.

Make a New Routine

Right now, you constantly feel out of sorts because your normal routine has been turned upside down. The thing is, normal life as we know it probably won’t return any time soon. Therefore, it’s important to get into a new routine that’s conducive to working from home. This will help you become more comfortable with your current situation, so you don’t feel so lost.

Communicate With Colleagues Frequently

Working remotely means you can’t just walk over to a colleague’s desk to chat, but modern technology makes it easy to stay in close contact. There’s no shortage of tools at your disposal — video conferencing software, instant messenger, email, phone — so use them to communicate throughout the day. Even a few quick check-ins throughout the day will serve as a much-needed reminder that you are not alone.

Wear Work Clothes During Business Hours

Getting dressed for work is about more than just looking presentable. On the surface, it might sound ridiculous to put on work clothes when you’re not leaving the house, but it can be very beneficial. Wearing clothing that makes you feel professional will put you in a business mindset. This will help you feel more motivated and connected to the office.

Sweatpants are undeniably comfortable, but wearing them all day serves as another reminder of the current crazy state of the world. Saving your loungewear for non-work hours will make slipping it on feel special again.

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