Ask These 3 Questions to Find Out if You Have a Strong Company Culture

Company culture is the glue that holds your organization together. Therefore, it’s important to make sure yours is rock solid.

Unfortunately, gaps aren’t always easy to see on the surface — especially when you’re so close to the situation. Here are three questions to ask yourself that can help you assess the state of your culture.

  1. “Are we attracting people or driving them away?”

You want to draw talent toward your organization, instead of pushing them away. However, your culture might be doing the latter without you realizing it. If you have high levels of turnover, something is up. No company has a perfect retention rate, but employees don’t leave an ideal work environment in droves.

  1. “Am I leading by example?”

As the boss, you set the standards for employee behavior. People aren’t going to take your rules seriously if you don’t even follow them yourself. For example, if you require employees to arrive at work by 9 a.m. sharp, but don’t typically come into the office until closer to 10 a.m., expect the team to arrive late as well.

Try to be more mindful of your actions, because your employees are watching. You’re in a highly visible role, so take it seriously. Hold yourself to the standards needed to maintain the culture your employees and customers deserve.

  1. “Are employees motivated or just going through the motions?”

There’s a big difference between employees who work to live and those who live to work. If your team is simply going through the motions to earn a paycheck, this will show in the quality of their work. For your company to thrive, you need employees who are passionate about their jobs and inspired to always go the extra mile.

If your employees rarely come to you with new ideas, don’t actively participate in meetings, and rush to leave at quitting time each day, they’re disengaged. If they haven’t always been this way, try to reignite the spark they once had for their jobs. However, if you’re unable to get them excited about work, it might be time to make some staffing changes.

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