Learn How to Have a Successful Phone Interview

Interviewing for a new job is a process — and often, it starts with a phone screening. While this type of interview is more informal than a traditional one held in person, it’s still a very big deal.

If you don’t make a great impression in this round, you won’t be invited back, so it’s important to bring your A-game. Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Get Prepared

A phone chat with a potential employer is a very big deal, so preparation is a must. Make sure your phone is fully charged — if you’re using a cell phone — and have a glass of water, your resume and a pen and paper in front of you. This ensures you won’t have to get up during the interview, which would take your focus away from the call.

Be Cognizant of Your Voice

Nonverbal cues play a huge role in a traditional interview, but of course, the other person can’t see your face during a phone call. This means your voice will need to perform double-duty — i.e., answer the questions and relay important social signals.

It might sound a little crazy, but making a point to smile throughout the call can help you sound more energetic and enthusiastic about the job. Also, remember not to interrupt and to keep your language professional.

Send a Thank You Note

A phone interview might be more casual than a traditional interview, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to send a thank-you note. Just as you would with an in-person interview, write your note within 24 hours, to show respect for the hiring manager’s time and reiterate your interest in the position.

Be Patient

Since a phone interview is the first step in the hiring process, it might be a while until you hear back from the company. It’s definitely wise to ask about the next steps at the end of the call but be patient. Wait at least a few days after you expected to hear back, because having an interest in the job is great, but being pushy is not.

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