As we are wrapping up the year, it is truly wonderful and rewarding to not only look at our accomplishments and our milestones, but also to look back at the amazing things our employees have done this past year. Whether that’s being an Everyday Hero, getting permanent job offers, or celebrating anniversaries in their roles, we are so proud and grateful for the phenomenal work our employees are doing everyday.


Our clients have also been amazing as always! It was great celebrating our Trusted Partners, and being able to give to some of our client’s charities of choice through our Proud to Refer program!


To start, we are so happy to celebrate nearly 300 of our employees getting hired on permanently by our clients! 300!!! This is what we are all about, finding people not just a job, but a career! We love that we were able to be a part of each one of their career journeys! Below are just a few of the many that went permanent!!!


Orientations are another favorite of ours, because it is the introduction to our employees’ new chapter with us! We had to many orientations this year to even count, but all we need to know is that we hired some of the most amazing people that are helping us to live our mission!



The launch of our Everyday Hero program has been such a success and a great way to honor our employees that consistently go above and beyond! We would like to highlight just a few of our Everyday Heroes below, that were nominated by their coworkers or supervisors! You can also nominate an Everyday Hero! CLICK HERE to learn more!

Tiffany took a call late in the evening from an elderly man who was stuck in an elevator of his assisted living facility. His name is William. Tiffany was on the phone with William for 45 minutes straight. She learned about his hobbies and kept him calm when he was feeling overwhelmed, encouraged him to be positive, and basically put herself in the elevator with him throughout the entire experience. After this story, her co-workers expressed their respect for not just this call, but many other times where Tiffany has found the positive in situations and helped others. Way to go, Tiffany!”


“Celeste Reynolds is a tremendous asset to our company. Her knowledge and expertise has been extremely valuable. Her work is always done on time, accurate, and detailed. She is a joy to work with, dependable, accountable, and always has a smile and a positive attitude. The work she is doing is helping us to improve our processes and enhance our systems for the future, which will enable us to be more efficient. We are very fortunate to have Celeste on our team and we appreciate her! Thank you PrideStaff for finding this talented woman to work with us.”



We made a goal at the beginning of the year, which was to give out $5,000 in Employee Referral Bonus checks! And we hit our goal!!! We love our employees, and we love giving them extra CA$H for helping their friends to find employment through PrideStaff! It Pays to have friends!!!


Not only did we give money out to employees for referrals, but also to charities when we received a client referral! We are so grateful for our clients and when they refer a company to us, we love being able to help them support what they value most by giving to the charity/cause or their choice! We love our Proud to Refer program!!!


What a year!!! And a great one at that! Thank you to all of our clients and employees that have made it so wonderful! We have some amazing things in the works for next year! 2020 here we come!!!

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