4 Questions to Ask Your Employees to Keep Them Happy

As the boss, you can make a profound impact on your team. These people look up to you and count on you for guidance and support.

Job satisfaction levels rise when employees feel like management cares about them. Getting to know them on a personal level and taking the time to make sure they’re happy won’t require a huge time investment on your part, but the impact will be overwhelming.

Here are four questions to ask your employees to keep them happy and fulfilled.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Chances are, you asked this question when you interviewed each of your employees, but things change. It’s possible people aren’t on the same path they were when you hired them, so find out where they’re at. You might learn they want something completely different or that they still have the same goals, but their current situation isn’t helping them move forward.

Do you feel you have the proper training to excel at your job?

If you don’t provide employees with the appropriate training, you can’t expect them to do outstanding work. This is frustrating to top talent, as they’re not used to underperforming — and they don’t like it. You might not even realize employees are in this situation, so checking in regularly is a great way to get on the same page, so you can rectify the situation.

How can I help make your workday better?

There are few things more important than having a supportive boss. Inquiring about roadblocks your employees are currently trying to navigate gives you the opportunity to step in and help. This can alleviate a great deal of stress from your workers’ lives, increasing both their level of job satisfaction and company loyalty.

What are your plans for the weekend?

It doesn’t feel great to work for a boss who sees you as just a number. Taking the time to get to know your team on a personal level will make them feel valued. Small gestures, like stopping by their desk to ask about their weekend plans, show you’re interested in them as people. If you can swing it, make time to take them out for occasional lunches and happy hours to bond outside the office.

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