3 Benefits of Direct Hire Through a Staffing Firm

Hiring is hard work — at least when you do it right. It’s also not one of your primary job duties, so trying to steer a hiring process while keeping up with your standard responsibilities isn’t easy.

Taking on a staffing partner is a great way to find the right person for the job. Many people mistakenly assume recruiters only fill temporary positions, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s what you have to gain by working with a recruiter to find a direct-hire candidate.

Make Better Hires

The right person for the job isn’t always actively looking. Recruiters can connect you with passive talent only interested in changing jobs if an incredible opportunity comes along. Since these people are content where they’re at, they probably won’t find your job posting on their own.

Beyond that, hiring is a skill acquired over time. If you’re only doing it occasionally, you probably don’t know exactly which questions to ask and what signs to look for to choose the perfect candidate. Since they hire for a living, recruiters have this covered. Feel confident you’re making the best choice when you work with them.

Find More Committed Candidates

Using temporary talent to fill short-term voids — i.e., a busy season or a need for a specific skill set for a limited period of time — can be a great idea. However, your recruiter might suggest making roles with no end in sight direct hire opportunities, because you’ll attract a more dedicated candidate base. Since their job has an expiration date, temporary talent won’t likely have the same dedication to the job that you’ll find in a direct-hire candidate.

Offer Attractive Benefits

Unlike temporary and temp-to-hire workers, direct hire candidates will be your employees from day one. That means you can entice them with the amazing perks and benefits you give your team. This will provide you with a competitive advantage because if candidates receive two similar job offers, they’ll likely choose the company with the better overall package.

Need a little help finding the best person for the job? Contact PrideStaff Dallas today to connect with top talent who can’t wait to join your team!

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