Everyday Heroes consistently go above and beyond what is expected to work hard, serve others, and make a difference.

We believe it is Our Mission to “consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” Our outstanding Field Associates carry this Mission with them every day to dive in with both hands and feet to work hard, serve others, and make a difference is only a small part of what makes our Everyday Heroes shine. It’s these tendencies combined with their ability to pour their efforts into others in order to leave things better than they found it that have made our Everyday Heroes an indispensable part of PrideStaff. This month we are excited to recognize Tiffany Henson as our Everyday Hero!



Tiffany recently took a call late in the evening from an elderly man who was stuck in an elevator at the parking garage of his assisted living facility. He had forgotten his access badge and the elevator had stopped responding to his controls. His name is William. Tiffany was on the phone with William for 45 minutes straight. She learned about his hobbies- reading and playing cards. She kept him calm when he was feeling overwhelmed, encouraged him to be positive, and (by the sound of the story) put herself in the elevator with him throughout the entire experience. Tiffany said she even promised to take him to Las Vegas in the future! Tiffany had a genuine smile on her face the entire time she told the story and it’s because she genuinely enjoyed her time speaking with him, regardless of the situation. After this story, her co-workers expressed their respect for not just this call, but many other times where Tiffany has found the positive in situations and naturally helped others. Way to go, Tiffany!


Our Everyday Heroes are one of the many things that make PrideStaff so special. We are proud to have Tiffany Henson on our Team!

Are you interested in finding an Everyday Hero for your organization? Give us a call at 972-661-1616 or CLICK HERE to nominate someone! We’d be happy to chat about the impact they can have on your business.

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