They’re only on the job for a short while, but temporary employees can make quite an impact. These people work on behalf of your company, so it’s important to manage them effectively.

If you haven’t supervised temporary workers in the past, you’re probably not sure how to approach the situation. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Treat Them Like Part of the Team

Many managers make the mistake of treating temporary workers as visitors. They don’t invite them to staff meetings, include them in team lunches or bother getting to know them.

The thought process behind this behavior isn’t malicious — they just don’t see a reason to invest in people who have a limited tenure with the company. Beyond rude, this approach causes temporary workers to become disengaged, lowering both their levels of job satisfaction and productivity.

Maximize Their Reach

Temporary employees are hired to fill a specific need, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of more. If you get to know them, you’ll likely learn they have additional skills and experience beyond their current position. This could mean you’re able to expand the scope of their temporary role, allowing you to get even more for your money.

Having someone outside your core team weigh in on projects can also be invaluable. A fresh perspective can allow you to spot both issues and opportunities that hadn’t previously been identified.

Stay Connected

When you make temporary workers feel comfortable, they have a positive experience with your company. Not only does this allow you to get the best from them, but it also increases the chances they’d be willing to work for you again in the future if the right opportunity becomes available.

When their tenure with your team comes to a close, connect on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter or get their email address, so you can stay in touch. Every temporary employee you manage is an opportunity to expand your network, so take advantage of it.

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