If you’re like most people, the mere thought of going on a job interview makes you nervous. Being in the hot seat isn’t fun — especially when a career opportunity you’re really interested in is on the line. Having a recruiter on your side is a secret weapon of sorts that can make a world of difference.

Recruiters fill job openings for a living, so they know exactly what employers want. Working with a staffing professional can provide valuable insights that could make the difference between getting the job or being passed up.

Here’s what you have to gain by teaming up with a recruiter to find your next job.

Find Out What to Focus On

You know preparing for a job interview is important, but exactly what that involves can be pretty vague. All your efforts could be in vain if you get to the interview and quickly realize you anticipated a very different experience.

Learn How to Craft Winning Responses

Hiring managers purposely ask tricky questions, such as “Tell me about your greatest weakness.” Without the assistance of a recruiter, answering these questions can be a challenge.

When you have a recruiter on your side, they’ll work with you to create convincing responses that incorporate real-life examples to perfectly answer the question. They’ll also help you time it right, so your answer is the ideal length.

Get Tips to Properly Present Yourself

The manner in which you respond to interview questions is hugely important, but they’re not the only deciding factor. Your recruiter will offer tips on everything from the correct interview attire to polishing your social media presence, so you can put your best self forward. Getting rid of the guesswork will make you a more confident and competitive candidate.

Discover How to Turn the Interview in Your Favor

Every great interview doesn’t get off to the best start. If you bungle a response to an interview question or accidentally commit another gaffe, you might think it’s time to pack up and leave. The thing is, everyone makes mistakes, and your recruiter will give you the tools to overcome them. Instead of dwelling on a blunder, you’ll learn how to pick yourself up and shift the conversation to a topic where you can shine.

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