Did y’all get some of that nice April rain yesterday? Although it was pretty intense at times, I’m counting on those April showers bringing us some beautiful May flowers! This week, our employees were doing some great things!


This week we celebrated our incredible employee Cecilia, that hit her one year anniversary with Keurig Dr. Pepper! She does such a fabulous job and we love to show off how awesome she is by celebrating her! Cecilia we are proud of you!


We are so pumped that two of our amazing employees were offered permanent positions! Diane (first picture) and Bahiya (second picture) are ROCKSTARS and we are so happy to celebrate this new chapter of their lives! We are glad to have been a part of the journey!


We have a new “It Pays” winner!!! Megan Mitchell referred her friend Franchesca to us who works for us at Driveline! Thank you so much for sending us a great employee Megan! Enjoy your $100 bonus!!!


We have a second time winner for our Proud to Refer Program! Sean Duncan referred us to a new client in Irving that was in need of a Controller, and we were able to happily fill that need! Sean has a passion for children, so he decided that his referral bonus would go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation! Below, you see Sean next to his Storm Trooper costume which he wears when granting wishes to children! Thank you for your referral Sean, and Make-a-Wish is grateful as well!


We hope you all enjoyed This Week’s Highlights! CLICK HERE to check out our new job postings from this week! We hope to be in touch with you soon in assisting you with all your staffing needs! Have a great week!

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