Once upon a time, your employees came into the office with positive attitudes each day. They worked hard, got along well with one another and appeared genuinely happy. However, things have changed.

These days, your team seems like entirely different people. You’re not sure what caused the shift, but if any of the following four signs are present, there’s a good chance they’re unhappy with their jobs.

Decline in Productivity

When people are no longer enthused by their jobs, they stop trying to do outstanding work. If your employees are doing the bare minimum, they clearly aren’t interested in making a great impression. They’re not going to achieve anything with this attitude, and consequently, your bottom line will take a hit.

Lack of Respect for Work Hours

Engaged employees show up to work on time and don’t leave the office until quitting time —they’ll even stay late to get the job done. This isn’t the case with unhappy staffers, as they want to spend as little time at work as possible. Something is up if once-punctual employees now arrive when they feel like it and head out before the workday is actually over.

No Interest in Team-Building Activities

Happy employees like team-building exercises, because they genuinely enjoy spending time with one another. This changes when people are feeling discontent at work, because a room filled with bad attitudes often leads to tension and disagreements. When this becomes the norm, people have no desire to focus on team building, because they just want out.

They Isolate Themselves From the Group

If your employees used to be a tight-knit group who chatted all day at work and even spent time together outside the office, it’s definitely a red flag when the bond appears to weaken. This is common with unhappy employees, because they no longer feel the need to invest in people they don’t think they’ll be working with much longer. Instead, they’d rather focus their energy on finding a new job.

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