If you don’t know the difference between active and passive job seekers, it’s time to change that. Each group can include equally qualified candidates, but attracting them requires a different approach.

You don’t know which category your next great hire fits into, so you need to know how to relate to both. Here’s an overview of the key differences between the two.

About Active Job Seekers

Active job seekers are currently searching for new opportunities. These people are relatively easy to attract, because they’re actively searching job boards, networking and otherwise spreading the word they’re ready to make a career move.

During the hiring process, these candidates want to know you’re interested in them. Recognizing their achievements and experience will make them feel valued and respected. Along with that, it’s important to engage them at every stage of the hiring process, to keep them interested.

As noted above, you can attract active job seekers by simply posting an open position on your HR site or a job board. However, you can also reach them by attending job fairs, asking current employees for referrals, working with a recruiter and attending networking events.

About Passive Job Seekers

Passive job seekers are gainfully employed. They’re content at their current jobs, so they’re not spending time looking for new opportunities, but they’re willing to listen if the right one comes along.

Generally speaking, if you manage to pique their attention, there’s a much better chance they’ll accept the job than an active job seeker. This is likely because they wouldn’t even listen to your pitch if they weren’t interested, whereas an active job seeker is entertaining many options, because they’re eager to change their current situation.

If you’re able to secure a meeting with a passive job seeker, treat it like standard interview, so they know you’re serious. During the hiring process, expect them to be more laid back than active job seekers. They don’t have as much at stake, so they’re able to maintain a calm demeanor, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re any less interested in the position.

Connecting with these candidates will require some effort on your part. As with active job seekers, it’s wise to request employee referrals, attend networking events and take on a staffing partner to get in the same room with them.

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