The Top Four Reasons Your Company Is Losing Top Talent

Your best employees drive your company to succeed. These people know your business inside and out, so when they leave, you can’t just replace them with a new hire.

If you’re having trouble retaining top talent, it’s time to act fast. When they line up to submit their resignation letters, this is a clear sign something needs to be fixed internally. Here are the top four reasons these employees no longer want to be part of the team.

Undefined Company Culture

A company culture is the glue that brings a team together. When your company doesn’t really have one, it can be hard for employees to find common ground. Ask yourself how culture impacts the way your team works, both individually and as a group. If you’re unsure or don’t like what you see, take this as a sign your culture needs improvement.

Bad Managers

A bad boss can easily turn a dream job into a nightmare. Take an honest look at your management team to see if they’re behaving in a manner that upholds company values. If they’re not, let them go or shift them into independent contributor roles.

In the future, be cognizant of who you promote to management. This type of job isn’t for everyone, so create ways to move up the org chart that don’t involve becoming a manager.

Low Compensation

Top talent wants more from a job than a weighty paycheck, but money does matter. The salary you pay your employees dictates their quality of life, so it’s possible people are leaving because they can’t afford to work for you.

Use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to gauge average salaries for jobs in your region and industry. If you find you’re paying people below the median mark, try to find extra room in the budget to change that. Added perks like the ability to work remotely or have flex-time can also sweeten the deal — especially if you’re unable to raise salaries right now.

No Room to Grow

The best and brightest people on your team have big plans for their future. They might really enjoy working for your company, but if there’s no upward mobility, they’re forced to look elsewhere when they outgrow their job.

Avoid this by working with employees to develop plans to expand their careers at your organization. Find out where they’re headed and pave a path for advancement — even if you have to create a new position — because they’re worth it.

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