Every experienced candidate has a history, but yours is a bit more colorful than most. If you’ve changed jobs a lot or have at least one notable resume gap, know this will likely come up during the hiring process.

When handled properly, you can address your past, without allowing it to haunt you. Here’s a few tips to make sure less-than-ideal career events don’t overshadow your talent.

Create a Skills-Based Resume

Standard resumes follow a reverse chronological format, but that isn’t your best choice. You want the focus to be on your talent, not your career history, so a skills-based resume is a much better choice. In this type of format, your skills are placed front and center at the top of the page, with your work experience underneath. Your past jobs are still listed, but they’re not the focal point like a traditional resume.

Don’t Volunteer Unnecessary Information

When you land a job interview, prepare to be asked about your work history. This topic will almost definitely come up, and knowing how to properly respond will make all the difference. That said, never bring this up on your own. It’s possible the employer won’t be interested in the specifics, so there’s no need to provide unnecessary information.

Tell the Truth

In the moment, fabricating the truth about an unflattering part of your employment history might seem like an easy way out, but it will catch up with you. Before offering you the job, the company will perform a background check, and the truth will come out. It’s much better to be honest upfront, because this speaks to your character.

Focus on the Positive

Find the good in your resume gap or history of job hopping to help the interviewer see your past in an optimistic light. For example, if you were fired, briefly explain what happened and what you learned from it. This highlights your ability to turn a negative experience into something positive by using it as an opportunity to grow.

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