When you post an open position, you expect to be inundated with resumes. The unemployment rate is at an historic low, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still seeking new opportunities.

The best job postings always attract a lot of attention, so clearly something is up. You know your company is a great place to work, but candidates aren’t getting the memo. Here’s a few possible explanations for why people aren’t jumping at the chance to join your team.

Poorly Written Job Descriptions

Applying for a new opportunity is a big deal, so candidates want to know what they’re getting into. If the job description is notably short or outdated, it won’t accurately portray the position. Recycling old descriptions — or haphazardly throwing one together — might save you time, but it’s costing you talent.

Unimpressive Website

When a candidate isn’t familiar with your company, they head straight to your website after reading the job posting. If it’s slow to load, outdated or doesn’t provide much information, this could cause them to decide against applying. Not having a dedicated careers page can also work against you, because people want to learn as much as possible about your company, to decide if it’s the right for them.

Weak Employer Brand

Savvy job seekers are just as interested in your company culture as the job itself. If people can’t find much about your mission, values and ethics, they won’t be able to gauge their fit. Use your website, blog and social media pages to enhance your brand by sharing your story. The more you raise your profile, the easier it will be to attract candidates.

Tedious Application Process

People expect to spend a reasonable amount of time applying for the job at your company, but if the process is too lengthy, they’ll give up. If you require them to type their resume into your system — instead of just uploading it — or ask several time-consuming questions, they’re likely giving up before they finish. Invest in an applicant tracking system that makes the process seamless and pare your questions down to only those necessary for the first round.

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