We had the opportunity to celebrate Faith Dhoro on her referral bonus for referring her sister in law, Faith M.


When Faith D mentioned PrideStaff to Faith M, she declared she did not want to go through an agency to find work. She had a poor experience in the past with other staffing agencies and wanted to look for a job on her own. Faith M said it was hard to look for work and she was getting very discouraged.


Faith D reached out to her sister in law again and mentioned PrideStaff. She told her we got her a job with a great company with good pay. That second nudge was what did the trick! Faith M called PrideStaff and we invited her in for an interview. She appreciated the fact that we were so welcoming and made her feel very comfortable. We have both, Faith D and Faith M in roles that they love! They are both extremely happy and satisfied with their current jobs and the companies they work for!


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