In most cases, your resume is the first time your name will come across a hiring manager’s desk. This key document serves as both an introduction and a sales pitch, so it needs to be flawless.

You already understand the importance of tailoring your resume for each job opportunity; however, you must also need to put some serious effort into the proofreading process. From an employer’s prospective, the quality of your resume reflects your level of interest in the job.

A flawless resume sends the message you’re serious about the position, so use these tips to proofread yours to perfection.

Read It Backwards

It probably sounds a bit ridiculous, but reading your resume backwards can help you spot errors your eyes might automatically skim over. Since you’ll be more focused on the words themselves, instead of the context, you’ll be better equipped to notice spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors hidden deep in the content.

Space It for Editing

Mistakes have a way of burrowing into tight spaces. Standard resume spacing isn’t conducive to spotting errors, so double-space your content, including bullet points. When words are surrounded by blank spaces, errors appear much more glaring, allowing you to spot and correct them. Don’t forget to switch back to standard spacing at the end of the proofreading process.

Double-Check Bullet Points

Bullet points need to be consistent throughout your resume. Decide whether they’ll contain full sentences or simple words and phrases, then stick to this format throughout. Those written in complete sentences should end with a period, while those comprising a few words or a phrase can remain unpunctuated.

Enlist the Help of a Friend

No matter how great your writing and proofreading skills are, your eyes can’t be the only ones to review your resume. When you write something, you’re inherently close to it, meaning errors won’t jump out at you. Another set of eyes will catch mistakes you simply cannot, so ask a friend you trust to give your resume a look before sending it out.

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