The job search process requires a lot of emailing. From the initial submission of your cover letter and resume to correspondence throughout the interview phase, you’ll be using this medium frequently to communicate with potential employers.

An off-putting email address or a message written in too casual a tone can ruin your chances of getting the job, so learn how to make a great impression via email.

Choose the Right Email Address

If you don’t already have a professional email address, halt further communications until you get one. Accounts depicting a nickname or a hobby might sound cute to your family and friends, but potential employers won’t take you seriously. There’s plenty of free email services to choose from — i.e., Gmail, Outlook — so create an account using your given name. If it’s not available, try adding your industry, like

Write an Engaging Subject Line

Emails without a subject line are commonly deleted, so use this space to sum up the contents. For example, if you’re applying for a job, include both your name and the title of the position. This immediately notifies the recipient what your message is about, increasing the chances it will be opened. Many job postings come with precise instructions for the subject line, so be sure to follow the instructions, or you may be eliminated from the running.

Format Your Message Properly

Not your average email message, communications sent as part of a job search should be formatted as a business letter. If it’s hard for you to get in this mindset while typing in the email template, write it in a Word doc and copy and paste the content into the message when you’re finished.

Write Like a Professional

Email is a largely casual medium, but not when part of a job search. Keep your tone formal and instead of using acronyms — i.e., LOL, WFH, LMK — spell the words out. Proofread your message several times, and if your email provider doesn’t highlight spelling and grammar errors, copy and paste your text into a Word document for a thorough check.

Maximize Your Email Signature

Create an email signature that’s sent with every message. Include your full name, email address, phone number, website and social media handles used professionally. This ensures you won’t accidentally forget to include any pertinent contact information in your email.

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