Improve Employee Engagement With These 3 Easy Tips

Your best employees make your company a competitive force, but if you want to keep them on staff for the long term, you have to keep them happy and engaged. If you don’t, they’ll head elsewhere, because top talent always has other options.

Employee engagement should be a top priority at all times, but if you’ve noticed people seem a little bored or discouraged, you need to step it up immediately. Incorporate the following three activities into your management style.

Give Employees a Voice

You hired the best, so take full advantage of the talent at your fingertips by allowing them to speak their mind. Ask them to develop unique ideas for new initiatives, solicit their input for existing projects and create an open door policy where they feel comfortable coming to you with questions, comments and concerns.

Top talent needs a workplace where they can blossom. If you try to stifle them, they’ll feel forced into pursuing opportunities with other employers where their contributions are valued.

Conduct Regular Check-Ins

Employees don’t respond well to a manager who stays holed up in their corner office. Show your team you really care about what’s going on in their workday by becoming part of it. Make a point to stop by their work area a few times during the day to see what’s going on. Take it a step further by scheduling regular one-on-one meetings with each employee where you can discuss any professional matters on their mind — i.e., their workload, projects they’d like to take on or their career path.

Make Communication a Priority

No one likes to be kept in the dark — especially top talent. Employees don’t feel valued when they’re kept out of the loop. Whether it’s company matters that will impact their lives or constant miscommunication on projects, it’s beyond frustrating to always feel like you missed the memo.

Being on the same page with top talent is crucial. These people want to be part of a winning team, but if it seems like everyone is always on a different wavelength, your company won’t get very far.

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