How to Discover Your True Hiring Needs

If your company isn’t fully staffed, it can’t reach full capacity, but planning a successful hiring strategy can be tricky. A great deal of careful consideration is required to decide what positions your team needs and who to fill them with.

Asking yourself the right questions is the key to discovering your true hiring needs. Get on the right track by finding answers to these two.

“What, exactly, do I need?”

You can’t hire the right person if you don’t really know what the job entails. Take the time to write a detailed job description for each position that covers essential responsibilities, goals and requirements for your ideal hire. Beyond qualities found on paper, determine what soft skills are needed for someone to be successful in the position.

It’s also important to consider the kind of candidate you want. If you don’t have the capacity to train the person, you’ll need a new hire who can hit the ground running. However, if you want things done a certain way, you might consider hiring a candidate with less experience that you can mold into your own. Finally, you’ll need to decide if the position is permanent or temporary, and if you need someone in the job on a full-time or part-time basis.

“Where am I going to find it?”

Knowing where to look to find top talent is the key to getting the right people in place. It’s always best to start with your own staff, because the best person might already be on your roster. If you pass them up, there’s a good chance they’ll resign, then you’ll have one more position to fill.

If the talent you need isn’t already on staff, tap employees and your own network to see if anyone has a recommendation. This could result in an amazing hire, but there’s no guarantee you won’t come up short. Other options might include setting up a booth at a job fair, partnering with a staffing agency or finding an industry-relevant job board to post the position.

Need a little help discovering your true hiring needs? Team up with PrideStaff North Dallas. Our team of hiring experts will work with you to determine what positions to add and who to fill them with. Contact us today to get started!

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